Friday, July 24, 2015

While I have continued to battle my has subsided to mostly fatigue and irritability.  I have managed to get slowly back in the habit of walking...though later than usual in the AM...I am making sure I do it no matter what!!

Today's walk was interesting.  I had to bring my "new" car to the shop, as it was overheating like crazy yesterday morning.  I took the dog with me...and walked home the very long way.  I got to walk  through the city, admiring gardens and architecture.  There are a lot of old homes in the city.  These older homes are so artistic, with geometric designs, symmetry and beauty that delights me.  I just love them.  Then, I decided to lengthen my walk by accessing the wooded walking path.  Walking into the woods is like walking into chaos after the orderly nature of the homes, walks and roads of the city.

However, this is the part that really thrills me.  While it seems disorderly, there still are patterns, geometric designs, and tremendous beauty.  To the discerning eye, there is order amidst the chaos.  where the city designs are thrilling and beautiful, the woodland designs are humbling and mysterious amidst their beauty.  One has to look deeper, and more fully to find the order, but it is there.
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